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Fabrizio Trotti, Supercell, Recruitby.net has got game!

Fabrizio Trotti

Customer Support Lead

Recruitby.net has got game!

We're always looking for talented individuals from around the world to join our team.

This service is amazing for interviewing people across timezones. Recruitby.net has got game!

Rebecca Trotsky, Kone, Recruitby.net is highly engaging!

Rebecca Trotsky

Human Resources Director

Highly engaging!

Recruitby.net allows functional and business line leaders to be involved at all stages of the recruitment process, alongside direct hiring managers and HR. The technology is highly engaging for managers, easy to use, and provides fast, quality results in screening.

Candidates have noted KONE’s commitment to innovation through our use of this cutting-edge tool. I can’t imagine going back to phone screens!

Kirsten van Hofwegen of Petroleum Geo Services uses online screening software

Kirsten van Hofwegen

Project Coordinator Recruitment
PGS Petroleum Geo Services

Economies of scale

Petroleum Geo-Services (OSE:PGS) is a multi-national corporation with offices worldwide. Recruitby.net allows an unlimited number of candidates globally to answer our questions via video. This gives us economies of scale for hiring crewmembers anywhere in the world.

The advantages of Recruitby.net for us include eliminating telephone interviews and allowing the entire global recruiting team to review the video answers. We are interviewing more candidates than before, yet spending less time on face-to-face interviews.

Our applicants appreciate the opportunity to carefully review and answer the questions at their own time.

Lotta Lehtipuu of HR4 uses online screening software

Lotta Lehtipuu

Manager, Recruitment services

Slam-dunk for HR consultants

HR4, a leading HR consultation and outsourcing provider, uses Recruitby.net to find top talent for their customers.

"Being able to introduce selected candidates to our customers with a single click is huge. As is employer branding: With Recruitby.net, our customers are seen as innovative and technology-savvy.

Sending the same set of questions to dozens of candidates saves so much time. Compared to Skype video calls, this method is at least 10x faster."

Hannu Terävä of Reaktor uses online screening software

Hannu Terävä


An irreplaceable tool

My first reaction was "Neat idea, but it probably won’t work for us." I gave it a go anyway and conducted a few real interviews. Everything just worked. Before I knew it, I had learned more about the candidates than would have otherwise been possible. Only later did I realize how much time and money I had saved.

Recruiting is the bulk of my work and I’ve made Recruitby.net a permanent part of it.

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Feedback from job applicants
who used Recruitby.net

The applicants' perspective

"Trying out this kind of job interview was a fun and interesting experience."

"I'd never before applied for a job via webcam, but it turned out to be an efficient solution. I think it makes the whole application process easier for both sides. It's also a great way for an applicant to make a really personal impression on a potential employer."

"It's so simple, anyone can use it. It's a great tool. Plus, in face-to-face interviews, you often leave out details that you later wish you’d said. But when you record your own interview, you get the chance to make sure you communicate everything you want to about yourself."

"Honestly, the idea scared me at first. But it was actually fun and easy! What a great new experience. The system works well, and there was plenty of guidance on how to use it."

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