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Rebecca Trotsky, KONE, quality results in screening.
I can't imagine going back to phone screening!

- Rebecca Trotsky, HR Director @ KONE

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December 15, 2014

Reaktor - Find cultural fits, use video in recruitment process!

Last summer creative technology company Reaktor gained a lot of visibility with their Extract Method – music video, which was created originally just for marketing purposes, but ended up playing a major part in their ”Future Rockstar” - recruitment process for summer workers.

October 7, 2014

Pro-Source - Video interviewing in executive search

Pro-Source Oy's Markku Kaijala Pro-Source Oy’s Markku Kaijala had his first encounter with video interviewing as a recruiting method roughly a year ago, when despite all the suspicions, Pro-Source decided to test video interviewing when recruiting for an International Sales Executive. The upcoming recruitment process wasn’t the easiest one.

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