Smoother recruiting

With video interviewing tool you can screen the candidates whenever most convenient for you.


How video interviewing works?


Ask & Invite

Record your questions and send the invitations to the applicants.


Wait for the replies

Candidates send their video replies. You will be notified via e-mail of their videos.


View & Evaluate

With just one hour of work, you can easily screen e.g. 20 candidates and pick the best ones to face-to-face interview.


Personal interview

Interview the best candidates and choose the most suitable one!

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Testimonials & Customers

"I think this a great way to make the interviewing experience a lot less daunting for people, definitely the way forward." - Candidate feedback, September 2013

The technology is highly engaging for managers, easy to use, and provides fast, quality results in screening.

Rebecca Trotsky,
HR Director,

Trying out this kind of job interview was a fun and interesting experience.

Candidate feedback via Feedback site

Recruiter! Do you know how much time you might be wasting with phone interviews? #hrsome